A Wave of Gratitude

“[Skils’kin] is, by far, the best company I’ve worked for.” —Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor has been a Commercial Services Attendant for over 10 years at Skils’kin. He’s worked on several crews and a variety of contracts and projects. What stands out about Tim is he’s a people person. Over the years Tim has been able to connect with many people, and that’s helped him know his true self.
Recently, Tim shared an experience with Nichole Garcia, Commercial Service’s Assistant Manager. While picking up a paycheck he let her know he’s been enjoying his job more than ever these days. Tim told her that working at Skils’kin has given him the opportunity to feel important. Not just important in the sense of getting his tasks done, but an important person to others. Tim has made many friends while working at Skils’kin, and he goes out of his way to help them however he can. Most recently, Tim built trust and a friendship with one of his coworkers. As she was going through a transition in her life Tim was a listening ear for her. Tim wanted to help and offered to give her rides home, as well as helping her as she was moving houses. Tim went out of his way to support someone in their time of need and made a new friend of one of his coworkers. When Tim is asked why he does things like this it’s simple for him, “You can never have too many friends.” Helping others has made a big impact on Tim’s life. It gives him a sense of accomplishment, and he feels a wave of gratitude for the chance to help others.
Nichole felt a deep connection to what Tim shared with her. It’s the reason she comes to work every day at Skils’kin. In her new role as an Assistant Manager, she seeks to support the crews in as many ways as possible. When Nichole started at Skils’kin she made it clear that it was okay to talk with her, and now, almost every shift crew comes in early to talk with her and their supervisors and get ready for the day.
Tim recognizes that Skils’kin is unique. At other jobs, it felt like something was missing. At Skils’kin he knows he can count on his supervisors. They are willing to listen without judgment and try something new at the suggestion of any crew member. By having these supports Tim is better equipped to pay it forward and support others.
“This work opportunity gives me the chance to share my light”—Tim Taylor

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