A Snapshot of Success

Jaxon Riley, Training Director for Leadership Spokane, was in need of an updated professional headshot, so she came to Skils’kin and visited our photo booth. What she received was not only top-quality photos from a professional photo shoot, but the opportunity to witness firsthand how individuals with disabilities are an integral component of the Skils’kin workforce.
At Skils’kin, Jaxon had her pictures taken by Lark Riley, our talented morning receptionist and aspiring photographer. Lark has been doing photography for over seven years and studied graphic art and design through the Newtech Skill Center while she was in the Spokane IMAGES program. During the photo shoot, Lark fostered a warm, welcoming environment and, using her photography skill set, captured a series of engaging photos.

Lark Riley connects with clients to capture compelling photos.

“A good photograph requires a connection with the individual,” Lark explained. “Even though technicality, composition, and understanding of the camera are extremely important, it’s also important to connect with people because that will make clients comfortable. That’s what makes photographs compelling.”
Once the photoshoot was over, the pictures went to Jonathan Scinto, Skils’kin’s latest marketing and graphic design intern. Jonathan, who studied color theory and digital design while working on his A.A. from Spokane Falls Community College, performed color corrections for lighting and clarity before sending away the photos.
Professional headshot of Jonathan Scinto, Skils'kin Marketing Intern

Jonathan Scinto leverages his graphic design skills as an integral member of the Skils’kin team.

Jaxon greatly appreciated both the photos and the experience. She explained how the Skils’kin team was able to not only meet an urgent need, but was able to make the entire process an enjoyable experience. Jaxon explained that, like many people, she is “not terribly fond of having [her] picture taken,” but the team at Skils’kin “made the photo shoot a very pleasant experience,” for which she was grateful.
Many individuals with disabilities have the training, experience, and skill set needed to perform high-profile professional work. Yet, because of hesitation, fear, or misunderstanding, many individuals with disabilities never get the chance to flex their capabilities in the workforce. At Skils’kin, our focus is to bridge that disconnect. To change that narrative surrounding individuals with disabilities. Our photo booth is just one snapshot of what true success in the workplace looks like, success that we rediscover on a daily basis. Who will join us?

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