“A Place to Call Home” in the Eyes of Skils’kin

The Spokane Civic Theatre debuted an original play telling the story of the Hutton Settlement, and Skils’kin is happy to share news about our talented staff being a part of the production and filming of “A Place to Call Home.”

Skils’kin was contracted to film Spokane Civic Theatre’s production of “A Place to Call Home.” The story follows the life of Levi “Al” Hutton and the creation of Hutton Home/Settlement. This production was part of an anniversary celebration called 100 Years of Hutton. Zack Rosse, Marketing Manager, filmed the production for Marketing to assemble an archival video. Additional production of editing and creating an animated opening for the video was also implemented by Mike Ellsworth, Media Specialist. Skils’kin’s Melody Deatherage, HR Business Partner/Benefits Specialist, starred in the production as well. Additionally, Lark Mack took photographs of “A Place to Call Home.”

Skils’kin was excited to be involved in this historical process. Thank you Spokane Civic Theatre and the Hutton Settlement for letting us be part of this production.

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