What's the meaning behind the name?

Skils’kin is a Salish word meaning “a place where a person goes to seek personal identity and self-empowerment”

Helping you thrive in your community is our specialty.

Joining Skils’kin is about more than finding a job. It’s about building connections, finding acceptance, and lifting others up to achieve a common goal. Whether you are looking for an opportunity or need skilled people for your organization, we know how to help.

Start planning for tomorrow with us today.

Skils’kin creates opportunities for growth. We are dedicated to providing our employees and partners with the skills they require to reach the next level of their journey. Start planning for tomorrow with us today.

Partner with us for exceptional business solutions.

At Skils’kin, we offer commercial services to local businesses, including commercial laundry, in-house assembly, packing & shipping. We thrive on collaborating to find new ways to create better results.

Employment should be more

than a paycheck.

For someone with a physical or mental disability, employment means a greater feeling of independence and self-worth. It’s not just about finding a job—it’s about finding the right job. We work as a team with candidates to understand their hopes, dreams and goals, to assess their strengths and skills and guide them to the opportunity where they are best able to contribute.

Still searching? It’s time for a different approach.

Skils’kin is partnered with AbilityOne to create jobs and training opportunities to help individuals with disabilities lead more independent, productive lives. We offer cost-effective staffing solutions including trained and supervised workers in custodial services, food services, and grounds maintenance to U.S. government agencies and the military.

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Expand Your Possibilities


Skils’kin is a nonprofit organization focused on creating inclusive opportunities for those in our communities through employment. Helping people and building relationships are our top priorities.

Since 1970, we have helped people with a wide variety of physical and mental disabilities become more self-reliant through training and career placement.

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Matching real people

with real opportunities.

When you succeed, we succeed. Skils’kin brings over 50 years of experience delivering exceptional services to everything we do. We are innovators. We empower people and build relationships to create a better world full of opportunity for everyone.

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